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klmno82469 2017-04-12 09:46 AM

cheap real jordans Eco-friendly activities to beat
and hang the snowflakes from the chandeliers. Talk about how no two snowflakes are the same. This is especially true when you're making snowflakes from recycled paper,cheap jordans online!"

Just because a south-of-the-border trip isn't on the immediate agenda doesn't mean things can't heat up inside,cheap retro jordans. Take your kids on a summer-themed scavenger hunt around the house,

"Dress your kids in their swimsuits,, sun hats and shades and keep them busy hunting through the house for clues that lead them to a beach party set up in the basement," suggests Snow.
"If your kids are old enough to be out in the elements, you can lightly bury household items (brightly colored spoons, beaded necklaces or even some small beach toys) in the snow. Send the kids outside to hunt them down."

For the Birds
Feed your feathery friends and get creative by making homemade bird feeders. "Use pine cones,cheap jordans for sale, bird seed and peanut butter," says Snow.
"Start by gathering pine cones from the yard. Cover the cones with peanut butter, making sure to mush it deep into the cone's center. Roll the gooey pine cone in sunflower seeds or a general bird seed mix,cheap jordans online, tie a string around the top, and hang it on a tree that's visible from your windows. You can also make a bingo board to mark off what kinds of birds visit."

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