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." On the space he brings into his music: I never called it space. I call it discipline. �� If you don't have discipline you can't have freedom. People say they're completely free, but when you see a stop sign,, you have to stop or you'll crash. There's no such thing as complete freedom. You have to practice the rules that govern this earth and govern living. When you don't have discipline you have disorder. On free jazz: Free jazz, unfree jazz,cheap jordans online, this jazz,cheap air jordans, that jazz �� Ballet, opera, hip-hop, rap �� There's good and bad in everything. We have a wonderful mechanism called the human brain. It's the best tool you'll ever have, whether you're reading a book,cheap jordan shoes, looking at a painting,, or listening to Mr. Jamal. The human brain can siphon good from bad. Just reflect a little and your mind will tell you. On Jazz at Lincoln Center, for which Jamal opened the 2008-09 season in September: It has one of the best orchestras in the world. What makes that orchestra so good is it's laced with the proper humility, the proper philosophical outlook. They're all gentlemen. You can't play music if you're arrogant. �� Wynton [Marsalis] is a gentleman and one of the great American classical musicians. �� The new Lincoln Center structure, this place that Wynton helped put together, is what is proper for housing this music. This is what it should be,real cheap jordans retro, in keeping with the cultural contribution this music has given to the world. On his own recordings: What's my favorite record? The next one. My best record

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