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Predeterminado Lluvia de refineria

Basicamente lo que pone es que habra lluvia de objetos de refineria que saldran cuando mates los monstruos, ¿porque no lo hacen aqui tambien?

PD: Perdon por la negrita pero no encontre la opcion de quitarla

Ready for the Shower of Refinery Items

Source:Official Date: Mar 11 2010 01:01:18 Views: 8,476

TQ Digital is glad to announce another event for its world-renowned Kungfu MMORPG Conquer Online, this March. The upcoming event, Refinery Storm, will be launched at 17:00, March 18, and last until 18:00, Mar 22 PDT.

In Feb, TQ rolled out a notable gear system, Refinery, in Conquer Online. With this new feature, CO\'s players are able to utilize Refinery Items to infuse their gear with various types of extra attributes. According to the Type and Quality of the Refining item, the effects of the Refinery will be varied.

During the Refinery Storm event, all monsters scattered in the world of Conquer Online will have a chance to drop the Legend Refinery Pack when killed. By unwrapping these packs, players will be able to obtain random types of Refinery Items. Meanwhile, there will also be a screenshot contest which allows players upload their refinery equipment screenshot to CO\'s Official Site to win bounteous rewards.


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