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kilt us,cheap jordans for sale, but they ain’t whipped us yet.” Doug Grow It was going to be the celebration of a lifetime. Women had arrived at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, hoping — even daring to expect — that Hillary Clinton would be elected president. The ultimate glass ceiling would be shattered. There were women wearing suffragette buttons,, women wearing all matter of “I’m With Her’’ shirts and blouses and scarves. The excitement was genuine. And then it was all gone. The hope was replaced by sadness, numbness, anger, even fear as the would-be celebrants watched the huge TV monitors tell a story few were prepared to believe. Donald Trump was taking state after state after state. Donald Trump was going to be president. On Election Day afternoon, Josie Johnson,, a Minnesota civil rights giant,jordans for cheap, had talked about why this hope to elect a woman as president had always seemed different from the joy that had surrounded the Obama campaign of eight years ago. “When Obama was elected,cheap jordans for sale,’’ Johnson said,, “it was a different feeling. For me it was an event I thought I’d never see in my lifetime. I was so happy. But there’s always been a cloud over this campaign. That there is a segment of our society that could endorse and support Donald Trump for us as black people has been scary. I don’t think we realized — or let ourselves realize — that supremacy and racism was so close to the surface.’’ Hours before the polls closed, Johnson was on edge. “I’m scared,’’ she said Tuesday morning. Johnson stayed

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