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Around two years. That is how long Acura has kept quiet about its vehicle line. There seems to be something up. Sure, they were still producing those vehicles that we constantly have found in the market. Sure,Fitflop Biker, they were still creating those Acura auto parts that we have been purchasing for our vehicles. But there was still something more into that silence from Acura. What the Acura brand has been keeping up its sleeve is that it would soon be unveiling a new set of products this season of fall. How many? Let us just simply say that three is the magic number. One would be the Acura RDX which the brand has created to be a sport utility vehicle that would be an entry level unit to the sports luxury SUV range. Then there also is the Acura MDX which is currently the top of the line SUV for the brand. The last new vehicle would be the Acura TL-S Type which belongs to the brand's popular range of sport sedans that have been created to be luxury units.
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