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Vaisampayana approachedJanamejaya and informed him that his hatred for the snakeswas undesirable. What supposedly caused Janamejaya'sanguish prompted him to destroy all the snakes was a factEmperor Parikshat, Janamejaya's father, had died of a snakebite in spite of guarding himself well and hiding in aninaccessible single pillared structure. Vaisampayana thentold Janamejaya about the karma theory propounded in theGita by the Lord Krishna himself, who was a reincarnationthe Almighty. He then narrated to Janamejaya the story ofJanamejaya's forefathers ?? the Pandavas and the Kauravasand the great battle they fought at Kurukshetra.Kurukshetra contains a lake called Samantapanchaka wherethe Pandavas, even though victorious in the battle ofKurukshetra had to perform a great penance to ridthemselves of their own damaged souls. For in the battle ofKurukshetra all the chiefs of the earth as it was thenknown ranged on either side and were destroyed.
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