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thing that could happen to the Democrats is if somebody like Rudy Giuliani rises in Republican politics, begins to blur that bright line a little bit and diminish the fervor of anti-abortion voters to flock to the Republican Party.

MR. RUSSERT:? Is there a front-runner in the race to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee?

MR. HARWOOD:? Well,cheap jordan shoes, I think Howard Dean is the front-runner in the race. He's the most prominent candidate.? He's the one who's demonstrated that in an era of campaign finance reform, Democrats can raise a lot of hard money,cheap real jordans, so-called deregulated money, and John Kerry followed some of those lessons in his campaign.? But I think at the end of the day,, you're going to see a coalescing around an anti-Dean candidate.? It's going to be very, very difficult for Howard Dean ultimately to get that chairmanship.

MR. NOVAK:? Bill Richardson,cheap air jordans, the governor of New Mexico and chairman of the Democratic Governors' Association, says there will be a moderate from a red state.? That is not Howard Dean.? He is a left-winger from a blue state.? I think that Dean--not what I think but what a lot of Democrats think, but Howard Dean would be a terrible message for the Democratic Party.? He indicated to hell with you for all the people who voted for Bush, and I think it will be somebody else.? I don't know who it's going to be.? They haven't found him.? They're looking for a young Bob Strauss and they haven't found one.


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