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As a Vikings Fan and a Minnesota Orchestra devotee since moving to Minnesota in 1969, I am amazed by the apparent differences in how football (albeit soccer in the Europe) and classical music are funded. So many European orchestras, opera companies and ballet companies are essentially owned by the performers, and their operations including performance venues are funded and or subsidized by government. Many of the European football teams are privately owned enterprises and their stadia are variously owned but when the stadium is not owned by the team, the team pays to use the stadium. In Europe, governments appear to value music and the arts, and believe me if you've ever been in the London underground when football fans, all 85 thousand of them,, appear to be swarming in one direction or another to or from Wembley, you can assume that this is generally not the same crowd as that attends the London Symphony Orchestra concerts or the Royal Opera. They are the majority,, not the "elite 1%" of classical music lovers. Yet, the UK chose to remodel the Royal Opera House at a cost of $500,cheap air jordans,000,000 using lottery proceeds. There was some grumbling from the 85,000 football fans about where their money was going, yet the government appeared to have valued the Opera as well as football. Isn't it time, faced with the self induced suicide mission of the Minnesota Orchestra board (paradoxically directed by an Englishman) and his two banker affiliates (I'm not sure who is actually pulling the strings) that government step in? A modest beginning is for government (State/County/City) to buy Orchestra Hall for $100,000,000 from the board and have the proceeds invested in investment grade corporate securities. Even our genius banker friends couldn't screw this up. Income would be $7,000,cheap real jordans retro,000 tax free which could then go towards subsidizing operations and paying a leasing fee to use Orchestra Hall. A modest sales tax increase could help pay for tax exempt Orchestra Hall revenue bonds to finance the operation. Failing that,ideally Orchestra Musicians should form a cooperative and continue to mount their own concerts in other venues (easy for me to say as I have food on my table). After awhile, they will end up in Orchestra Hall after all,cheap jordans for sale, and the board and management will now be there to foster symphonic music in the Twin Cities,cheap retro jordans, rather than to run the orchestra as a "Junior League" project, and when they mess up, balance their financial and promotional blunders on the backs of the musicians.

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