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in the Andes in either Bolivia, Colombia or Peru. So I went down there, and I read about all the incredible work thats being done down there to try to disrupt the cocaine supply line, and youll have seen footage probably of airplanes and helicopters dumping tons of weed-killer on these Andean terraces in Colombia, for instance. Theyve done lots of work on this and theyve done a fairly effective job at making it harder to grow coca leaf. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares over the years, and it has made the lives of cartels more difficult on the surface, at least. And yet, I looked at the price of cocaine in the United States,, and it has hardly budged. You can go back decades,jordans for cheap, and the prices remain roughly $100 per pure gram. On why an increase in the price of coca leaf doesnt change the cost of cocaine When you look at the economics of the supply chain, you begin to see why actually even if you could increase the price of that coca leaf, its doubtful that it would have very much impact on the final price of cocaine in the U.S. or in Europe. ... To make, for instance, a kilo of cocaine, you need about a ton of coca leaf,jordans for cheap, and that ton,air jordan shoes real, once its all dried out, in a country like Colombia will fetch perhaps $400. Now,cheap jordans, the kilo of the United States will fetch about $100,cheap real jordans,000. So lets say youre incredibly successful in managing to raise the price of coca leaf, and you manage to double it, to $800. If you then manage to transfer all of that extra cost onto the consumer, that

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