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All About The Popularity of Esports
Dota 2 is based on Warcraft III. It belongs to the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The possibility of playing in a team is available. The leading competitions are watched by a million audience.
The total number of participants is 10 people – two teams of five people. One of the groups chooses the light side, the second – the dark side. Each hero is controlled by one player. The experience gained allows you to pump skills, for the earned gold you can buy items with specific abilities.
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Rules of the game:
The main goal of the game is to destroy the main building of the enemy. The team wins after completing the task, regardless of the score;
one point is awarded for killing an opponent;
the destruction of neutral characters in the game is not awarded;
a match consists of one, three or five battles. The exact number depends on the category of the competition;
All tournaments are broadcast online on DotaTV. The camera position can be changed by the user, this option allows you to better view the skills of the heroes, the objects of the game.
The following types of bets are presented in Dota 2:
total number of minutes or kills - matches are concluded by time.
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